Using the OODA Situational awareness tool for Scent Detection teams.

March 18, 2020 3:09 pm

The OODA Loop is an interlaced decision model which provides immediate feedback throughout the decision-making process. Observe, reflects the need for situational awareness. Orient, reflects assessing the totality of the Situation. This Photo is blended with Coopers Color Codes for Situational Awareness. When you’re working a Scent Detection Dog, place yourself in the right state of mind while you’re working. At a bare minimum, you should always be in Condition Yellow – Relaxed alert. This allows you to Observe your surroundings and take in the search area as it is, like when you approach a threshold or start line. Condition Orange, once you enter the search area you should be scanning and Orienting to the search environment. Once you notice a change of behavior that may indicate the presence of odor, then think tactically, stay calm, scan the area for logical search areas, Orient yourself to your dog and the search environment. Assess the area and develop a plan based on your abilities, your dogs abilities, and your training. Decide what to do with the information you have. And then Act. Follow your dog and trust your training!

Whatever you “Seek” we’ll train your dog to find.


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