Canine scent-work is becoming more and more popular. At Integrity Nose Worx training we offer seminars for all types of Scent Detection training. From Practical applications in Scent Sports, to Tactical Applications for Police and Military we can offer seminars to meet your needs and interests. You can participate in one of our prebuilt seminars, or request a differentiated and focused seminar to meet your needs.

Our staff has years of military police experience and can build training programs that offer you the opportunity to grow your Scent Detection skills. Let us help you by differentiating training and evaluating your team on three levels; detection dog, handler, and overall team.

  • Evaluation and coaching for detection teams
  • Intro to Marker Training
  • Odor Imprinting (for Narcotic and Explosives, Cadaver)
  • Understanding Odor
  • AKC Judges Training
  • Optimum Training Schedule Development
  • Video Consultations
  • Telephone Consultations
  • Explosive Detection Handler Training
  • Train the Detection Dog Trainer
  • Buried Hide and Roadway Detection